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Aperitivo Para Dos     $13.95

Chef’s appetizer for two: empanadas, croquettes, tamal and mariquitas.

Tostones Con Mojito     $4.95

Green plantains with mojito sauce

Chorizo Espanol          $6.95

Spanish sausage with peppers and onions


Tamal Cubano     $3.95

Corn meal with pork

Mariquitas    $4.95

Plantain chips

Tamal Preparado      $8.95

Tamal, bolo ham, imported cheese and roast pork

Croquetas Preparadas   $8.95

Croquettes, bolo ham, imported cheese and roast pork

Yuca Con Mojito    $5.25

Yuca with mojito sauce

Empanada      $2.50

Meat Pie

Yuca Frita    $5.25

Fried yuca wedges

Croquette    $1.95



Ecco Domani, Pinot Grigio, Italy                         $24.00

Light and refreshing. Great with salads and lighter dishes

Martin Codax, Albarino, Spain                           $25.00

Aromatic and full-bodied with flavors of pear, melon and lemon zest. An ideal complement to any seafood dish

Calina, Chardonnay, Chile                                $22.00

Rich, full bodied, mature tropical fruit, outstanding

Alamos, Torrontes, Argentina                           $18.00

Medium-bodied with layers of peach, flowers, acidity and a crisp finish

Cono Sur, Sauvignon Blanc, Chile                    $25.00

Hints of citrus, peaches, and gooseberry. The wine is balanced with attractive, crisp acidity. The perfect accompaniment to seafood

Materva                           $1.95

Jupina                             $1.95

Malta                               $1.95

Milk                                $1.95

Orange Juice                 $1.95

Regular Coffee             $2.50

Colada                          $2.20

Cafe Con Leche           $3.00

Perrier                           $2.95